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Tejas Saggi


Honours Investment Management/U3


Tejas was born in India and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia. At a young age, he realized he had a knack for Excel shortcuts and so the natural rite of passage was to enter finance. He now spends the majority of his days rethinking this decision. As a true financier, he recently picked up the sport of squash. Outside of finance, Tejas enjoys playing basketball, going to Tokyo, and traveling. He is very excited to serve as the Co-President this year.

Work Experience

Strategic Advisory Analyst - PJT Partners, New York (Incoming 2019) 

Strategic Advisory Summer Analyst - PJT Partners, New York (2018) 

Private Investments Summer Analyst – CPPIB, Toronto (2017) 

Investment Management Summer Analyst – Caldwell Securities, Toronto (2016)