The inaugural Montreal Risk Management Conference will be taking place at McGill University. Top industry executives from the Global Association of Risk Professionals, Desjardins, Morgan Stanley, the National Bank of Canada, Ouii Energy, and Royal Bank of Canada will share their insights and experiences on emerging trends within the dynamic risk management industry. All students, faculty, and professionals are cordially invited to participate.

Interested in Finance but unsure about Investment Banking? Risk Management is an emerging high-demand field with excellent employment prospects, in a job market that is expected to grow by more than 85% in the next five years. Analysts utilize knowledge from Finance, Accounting, Economics, Engineering, and Computer Science to identify opportunities for corporations to take controlled risks and minimize unnecessary uncertainty.

This year’s theme, ‘Reaching for New Horizons’, explores the emerging integration of risk management practices into all aspects of traditional business, made possible by advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence. Attendees are encouraged to contribute their personal insights to the conversation and will have the opportunity to ask questions during the presentations and networking cocktail afterwards.