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Matthew Wilson

Junior VP External

Major Finance, Concentration Business Analytics/U2


Born in Houston, TX and raised in Vancouver, BC, Matthew began his business career at the age of fifteen through an internship in the accounting department at the Canadian Fishing Company. Upon entering McGill, he joined MIC’s Investment Committee as well as the Association of Canadian Intercollegiate Investment Clubs, where his talent for pitching stocks and interest in the healthcare sector sparked; to the extent that he is currently developing his own startup company called Matson Medical. Passionate about public speaking and community involvement, his speech, titled “What is a leader?” won him 1st place at the Concours d’Art Oratoire national competition and he serves as a Director on the board of the Vision Shapers Forum. In his spare time, Matthew is an avid swimmer and he is devoted to organizing upcoming events and encouraging students to get involved in the McGill Investment Club!

Work Experience

Summer Intern — Jim Pattison Group: Canadian Fishing Company (Summers 2014, 2015, 2016)