The McGill Investment Club (MIC) is a multi-faceted club open to all students in all faculties at McGill University. The MIC is centered around the financial services industry with two main points of focus: Investment Banking and Asset Management. The MIC plays a major role in bridging the gap between the classroom and the financial workplace and proudly supports the career preparation and development of McGill students. In essence, the MIC serves as a conduit of information and an access point for all students on campus interested in learning more about capital markets and the financial services industry. The MIC won the Management Undergraduate Society's "Club of the Year" Award in 2009, 2011, and 2018 as well as the Students' Society of McGill University's "Student Group of the Year" Award in 2011. These awards demonstrate our long-standing commitment to success and professional execution

As the MIC's mandate spans across many mediums and topics, the following breaks down each of our core initiatives:

+ Finance Conventions / Conferences

The MIC organizes conventions in Toronto, Montreal, and New York to expose select students to industry professionals. The MIC brings a group of students to each of these cities where the students visit these financial institutions and network with alumni and other employees. Application timelines and information will be disseminated in our listserv sent out to all registered members.

+ The Securities Analyst Program (SAP)

The Securities Analyst Program is a biweekly workshop geared towards first- and second-year students. The sessions cover subjects varying from company valuation to macroeconomic factors to consider when making investment decisions. Slides and resources from these workshops will be posted on our website here.

+ McGill Trading Simulation (MTS)

The McGill Trading Simulation is one of the largest Trading Simulations in North America, bringing together over 300 students from top universities in the United States and Canada. The event occurs in the second half of the academic year.

+ Recruitment Workshops

In order to prepare members for internship and full-time positions, the MIC hosts recruitment workshops to help students tackle those tricky finance interviews. These sessions cover advanced finance technical questions, behavioural questions and general interview etiquette.

+ Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a great way for students to gain exposure to real life investment experience and portfolio management. Under the guidance and assistance of the MIC executives, Investment Committee members are responsible for analyzing their respective industries and building full blown stock pitches.

+ Guest Speaker Series

MIC's Guest Speaker Series brings some of the business world's top executives and leaders to McGill University to speak, network, and interact with MIC members on a personal level. Guests in the past include Richard Dufresne (CFO of Loblaws), Mitch Garber (CEO of Cirque du Soleil), Michael Fortier (Vice Chairman of RBC Capital Markets), and more!

+ Stock Pitch Competition

MIC's annual stock pitch competition happens in the latter half of the year and brings together the top finance minds of Desautels to compete against one another.

+ M&A/Strategy Case Competition

Our new M&A/Strategy Case Competition will bring together top McGill students to solve an M&A case based on current events. Similar to the Stock Pitch Competition, competitors will be screened by internal judges and top teams will be given the opportunity to present at the finals in front of our sponsor judges as well as an audience.