McGill Investment Club (MIC) is a multi-faceted club open to all students in all faculties at McGill University. MIC is centered around the financial services industry with two main points of focus: Investment Banking and Asset Management. MIC plays a major role in bridging the gap between the classroom and the financial workplace and proudly supports the career preparation and development of McGill students. In essence, MIC serves as a conduit of information and an access point for all students on campus interested in learning more about capital markets and the financial services industry. MIC won the Management Undergraduate Society's "Club of the Year" Award in 2009, 2011, and 2018 as well as the Students' Society of McGill University's "Student Group of the Year" Award in 2011. These awards demonstrate our long-standing commitment to success and professional execution

As the MIC's mandate spans across many mediums and topics, the following breaks down each of our core initiatives:


Finance Conventions

McGill Investment Club brings a group of students to New York, Toronto and Montreal where the students visit financial institutions and network with alumni and other employees.


McGill Trading Simulation

The McGill Trading Simulation is one of the largest trading simulations in North America, bringing together over 300 students from top universities in the United States and Canada.


Montreal Asset Management Conference

MIC invites top industry executives to share their insights and experiences on emerging trends within the dynamic asset management industry.


Montreal Risk Management Conference

The Montreal Risk Management Conference is a one-day event aimed at showcasing the vast array of opportunities available within risk management.


Guest Speaker Series

MIC's Guest Speaker Series brings some of the business world's top executives and leaders to McGill University to speak, network, and interact with MIC members on a personal level.


Stock Pitch Competition

Stock Pitch Competition brings together top students to compete against one another. Finalists are given the opportunity to present in front of our sponsor judges as well as an audience.